Excerpt taken from Chapter 1 of A Conversation with a Prayer Warrior and Her Prayers





Chapter 1


At 87, you are still very active with all your work.  What can you say about that?

     Our Lord gives me His Supernatural Strength and Divine Good Health every day.  When something tries to come on me, I pray it off.  And when it keeps coming, I pray with my prayer partner until it comes off.


How did you receive this gift of Supernatural Strength and Divine Good Health?

     I prayed and asked for it.  It says in James 4:2, “You have not for you ask not.” I have been blessed with the gifts of Supernatural Strength and Divine Good Health.  I also asked for and received Clarity of Mind and total recall of His Word when I need to use it. I continue to thank God every day for these gifts.


Years before your husband died, you had told me he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.  I think the main symptom was the shuffling of his feet.  What did you do?

     I prayed for him until it came off.  He began walking normal again and never had any other symptoms. When we went back to the Doctor who had diagnosed him with Parkinson’s disease, he told my husband, “You don’t have any Parkinson’s disease.” The Lord had healed him.

     Another time the Lord healed him of cancer by the side of his face.  That Doctor removed the cancer and told me, that he would be dead in three months. Under my breath I said, “That’s what you think.”  I followed that Doctor’s directions for the care of my husband but I prayed for him every day (many times a day.) About six months later he was totally healed and had no symptoms of any kind. We went back to the Doctor who told my husband, “You do not have cancer.”


Have you had any major illnesses?

     No, I have Divine Good Health.


What prayers do you pray at night before you go to bed?

     I usually pray for some special intentions.  I read Scripture in the morning and at night. Then I pray for lost souls until I fall asleep. I always put on worship music at bed time.


I know you pray throughout the day for lost souls.  Do you feel called by God to do this?

     Oh yes! A strong call by God!


What happens when you pray for lost souls.

   I see faces of people that I have never met. The time is short and there are so many who do not have salvation. 


Do you see the faces every time you are praying for the lost?

     Most of the time, I see faces. Sometimes before I am in prayer, the Lord gives me a vision of a face and I start praying for that person.  Sometimes I know them and sometimes I don’t.  Most of the times, not.


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