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Meet the Author: Paula Russo    
Paula Russo


Although I started my adult life as a Research Biologist, my main desire was to be a wife, mother and homemaker. As this dream began to unfold, my other desire to know God better was also unfolding. When I married my husband, it became a race which ran side by side for the past thirty years. It was shortly after our marriage that I realized God had a call on my life. I needed these last thirty years to discover exactly what that call was.

Today I am busy with the mission I felt I was given by God. That mission began when I was called to study the Bible. I had to walk out many changes in my life because of what I learned from my studies. I felt led to share all that Our Lord had taught me over these past thirty years but wondered how I could do that. It wasn't until I was called to write out my witnesses in my books that I realized that was my mission for God, sharing my witnesses in books.


Speaking and Seminar Engagements Available:

The author is available for speaking and seminar engagements. Both the speaking and seminar engagements would be based on the Biblical teachings presented in her books. There are two available seminars:

► Steps towards inner healings; this seminar includes a spiritual walk
to discover unforgiveness from the past.

► Rediscovering Who God is to us and His Truth; A seminar about the
End-Time Scriptures and God’s Truth needed to stand in these times.

For further information contact the author through her e-mail address - paula@acloserwalkwithgod.com


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