Excerpt taken from Chapter 2 of Jonathan Walks On Water



Chapter 2


     Jonathan was surprised by Jesus’ answer to his prayer.  There was an emergency drill going on in the hospital when he arrived with his parents.  Every treatment was delayed for an hour.  Although Jonathan had treatments on the same day as four other kids, they were usually not all able to see each other at the same time. Since they were all together in the waiting room, Jonathan did not waste any time.  He gathered the children around him, picking up a book near him. “I have a story to tell you,” he began. Susie, the youngest, said, “I know that storybook.”  Jonathan said, “I will be telling you a real story.  It’s about me and a special dream I had. All the children moved closer and Susie’s eyes opened wider than usual.  “Is it a monster dream?,” she asked with fear in her voice. Jonathan touched her arm and quietly said, “No monsters, Susie.”  I had a dream and I saw Jesus.”  Every child began to speak at once.  “Was He dressed in jeans?, shouted Jason.  “I have a picture in my Sunday school book of Jesus,” said Christina as she pulled on Jonathan’s arm. A song about Jesus and the little children was being sung by Susie and soon, Christina joined into the song.  Jason and Stefan began to play the part of Peter and the guard who had his ear cut off by Peter’s sword. Jonathan saw he could not stop them.  He patiently waited for them to finish. Finally, the swords disappeared and the song came to an end.  Jonathan began by lying down and showing them how he woke up laughing.  He told the dream story quickly and everyone was silent for the first time that day.

     “Jonathan are you telling us the truth,” asked Jason.  At ten, Jason liked to lead when Jonathan was not there.  Jonathan answered with a big smile, “the absolute truth.” Jonathan had begun to practice smiling the way he saw Jesus smiling in his dream. “I don’t know why I believe you, but I do,” said Jason.

     “I want to ask Jesus to let me walk on the lake to the shore with Him, too,” added Jason. Susie and Christina chimed in with, “me too,” and “me, three.” Stefan was last to say he wanted to walk on the water with Jesus. Stefan liked to think about everything for a long time.  “Yes, Jesus is my friend, too,” said Stefan after a few minutes.

     Jonathan had brought a book with him to write down everyone’s name, age and the date they all agreed to walk on the water with Jesus.  The list was written in order of their ages with the youngest going first.


                              Susie-5 years old

                              Christina-8 years old

                              Stefan-9years old

                              Jason-10 years old

                      Jonathan-12 years old


     The words, “We want to walk on the water with you, Jesus, all the way to the shore,” were added to the bottom along with the date. This was written by Jonathan who said, “I will keep our book and we will record the dates as we reach the shore.”

     Shortly after Jonathan closed the book, the emergency drill ended and it was time to begin their treatments.  Christina left first followed closely by Susie.  Soon, Jason, Jonathan and Stefan were on their beds receiving their treatments.  Jonathan spent his time wondering about the month ahead for each of his young friends.


                                Jonathan Walks on Water  © 1999 Paula Russo


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