Excerpt taken from Chapter
6 of Visions, Images and a Dream




Our Father Reveals Himself



     It was in August of the same year of the visions I mentioned in the previous chapter. I had attended the monthly meeting of the Christian Women's group I had joined. After all the business was completed there was time for individual prayer.  I felt led to go forward to receive my “Blessing.”  The woman who prayed over me gave me a Prophecy. 

    “Our Father is saying that He will be giving you a vision of Himself.”

     I was surprised and although happy for some reason the thought of this prophecy made me nervous for weeks.  You would think that after I had been given daily visions of Our Father that I would be thrilled to have another one.  The understanding I had received never came with the courage to stand before Our God.  I knew my God was God, and it made me tremble.  I calmed down and by October I felt bold enough to ask Our Father, “When will You give me a vision of Yourself?”  He answered,


    “I had already given you that vision.”



    As Our Father was speaking these Words, I began to remember another wondrous vision that indeed I had had.   

    I had been taken (during prayer time) to a mountain high above the world.  Our Father was holding me in His right arm like the young child I was to Him.  He was facing forward and the wind began to blow around Our Father.  At first, the wind was gentle and barely moved His beard and hair.  As the wind increased, I had an understanding of its speed.  The wind became tropical storm strength, and then it rapidly became hurricane force. It did not take long before it was the force of a tornado. All that was happening to Our Father was that His hair and beard were moved behind His head.  Our Father’s body never moved with this force against Him. After tornadic strength the wind increased to forces never felt on earth and yet, Our Father never moved.


     (Where I was in Our Father’s arm, I never felt the slightest breeze.  I was completely protected from the forces of the winds.)


     I was becoming very excited about what was happening and when the wind was at the highest speed Our Father was going to allow, He turned His face, filled with love for me, towards my face.  When Our Father looked at me with His heavenly blue eyes, I relaxed every muscle in my body.  Then Our Father said,





    I was placed back in my prayer chair and was joyfully excited for months over this one.  Why had I forgotten it? 


     God is God and He allowed me to remember when He wanted me to remember.  As He now allowed me to write down the visions I was to share.

     All of Psalm 46 was given to me as a Scripture reference for this vision.  These following verses were especially important to me.

 “The Lord Almighty is with us; the God of Jacob is our fortress.”
Psalm 46:7


     “Be still and know that I am God.” (I added the emphasis.)

Psalm 46:10a.


    Like the vision in this chapter God gave me most of the visions simply because He chose to do so. The next chapters contain visions that were given to me so my understanding would be awakened to what must come forth on the earth in these end times.


                                    Visions, Images and a Dream  © 2007 Paula Russo


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